About Us

Infra Technologies is a professionally managed Telecom Service solution provider and input suppliers having presence across North east region of India. Established with a vision to provide quality telecom service solutions and management services, Infra Technologies builds an enduring expertise with visible brand value in addressing various services related issues & post-sales maintenance of Assets and Resources in Telecom Service sector. Since inception Infra Technologies focused on providing expertise engineering Consulting for Telecom sector having a large talented HR pool equipped with cutting-edge Assets and Resources.
Infra Technologies endorsed to play a pivotal role in Telecom & IT sector across North East Region of India by delivering unmatched quality solutions through its wide range of Services & managing Input supply chain for creating state-of-the-art Telecom & IT infrastructure for client Organizations along with proactive error-free maintenance service for avoiding potential risk, threats and losses of Assets & resources.
Infra Technologies, being a front runner in offering comprehensive unparalleled enterprise Telecom Service solution provider, advocates quality as priority and pride itself of upholding standard of excellence in Telecom & IT sector service delivery. Infra Technologies with its wide array of services ensures client enterprises both private & public most cost-effective operational strategies that suit their specific need & requirement.

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